Overhead Cable

Federal Power has been produced overhead cables since the 80’s. We have delivered more than 30,000 km of the best quality cables in the country including Bare Conductors.

Submarine Cables

Federal Power has delivered more than 30km of XLPE submarine cables. The advantages:

*Are Maintenance free
*Have low electrical losses
*Are environmentally friendly



Committed to quality and in the fore front of cables industry, Federal Power produces a wide range of high quality cables and conductors for electrical transmission and distribution.
Underground Cables
Overhead Cables
Submarine Cables

XLPE Cables up to 275 kV
Manufactures high voltage XLPE cables up to 275 KV. Our cables have been installed in Malaysia, USA, Qatar and Vietnam. Advantages of XLPE Cable System are :

Maintenance free No visual impact- under
Low electrical losses Not effected by weather conditions
Environmentally friendly The solution of densely populated areas

XLPE Cables up to 66 kV
We have experienced in producing more than 15,000,000 meters of quality cables according to customer’s specification. Our cables have been delivered to many parts of the world including Jordan, Bangladesh and Brunei.

XLPE Cables up to 11 kV
We have produced thousands of kilometers of low voltage
cable since the 90’s